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I offer individual Coaching sessions for scientific staff at all career levels, including but not limited to topics such as career development, personal stress management or interpersonal matters. You are not a scientist and are seeking support? You are obviously welcome, too!

Unlocking the potential for personal and professional growth!

Humans live and work at their best when and if they live their full potential. I can support you with identifying and developing this dormant potential towards the goals you define for yourself or for your company.

Living your full potential results in best possible productivity, peak performance, (job) satisfaction, good health and sustainable, healthy interpersonal relationships.


Systemic Coaching – What it is and how it works

Systemic Coaching is based on the assumption that the only true expert on your path to success and personal satisfaction is you: nobody knows your strengths, desires and motivations better than you do. The coach is merely a companion and guide in this process whose job it is to ask you the right questions – so you can define, align and reach your goals. Have you ever asked anyone for advice on any subject? It may be helpful or not, but advice is only ever based on the advisor’s own experience, history and circumstances. A good coach will instead help you tailor your own, unique and personal solution to a specific challenge, and provide you with the tools to do so yourself in the future.


Systemic Coaching - For whom?

I specialize in working with those in high-performance, high pressure environments, so whether you are an athlete seeking to optimise your performance, a scientist preparing for a new position, or an entrepreneur facing a specific challenge, I can help you define and reach your goals.

Individuals and teams are welcome, as are private and public organisations.


Systemic Coaching – When?

People seek coaching for professional or personal purposes, and in particular in the following instances:

  • Change in (professional) role, or changes in the framework they work in, such as:

    • New position

    • New leadership role

    • Change of tasks

    • New job...

  • Challenges in communication and conflict

    • Challenges in communicating with a team member, customer or superior

    • Hot or cold conflict at work or at home...

  • Questions of personal development

    • Athletes seeking to optimise their performance

    • Complex decisions

    • Professional (re)orientation

    • Lack of motivation

    • Lack of tools dealing with stress...

  • Waiting for a therapy spot

    • Bridging the gap until you find a therapy spot by learning basic problem-solving tools.


Systemic Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is a process of improving self-efficacy and problem-solving skills with the guidance of a coach. Should you suffer from addiction, severe depression or any other physical or mental illness, please consult a mental health professional!

Growtential - Systemic Coaching

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